Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2018 - Makerspace Shuttle
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Makerspace Shuttle is a curated tour that bring participants to various makerspace to understand the nature of activities and how design and making is applied to facilitate the ideation and iteration process. Makerspaces are the foundation for creativity to sprout by allowing one to learn a new skill, make their ideas come to reality with available tools and resources, and even starting their own maker journey, as a makerpreneur.

*Places to visit:
1. Makerspace@NDC
2. Republic Polytechnic Makerspace
3. Makerspace@Platform E
4. Google Makerspace

*Event details (reporting time and etc.) will be confirmed and send to participant via email. The tour will be facilitated with the provision of bus shuttle service. Organizer of the event reserved the rights to make any amendments and changes to the schedule to facilitate the tour.